Our Services


Dead Sea Area-Jordan, 2012.

Our Mission

Raise environmental awareness and provide high quality information on environment sustainability, energy, waste and water.

Our Vision

Introduce the lasted technologies and solution as they become proven from around the world for our customers.

Our Involvment

Through the available data and meeting with the customer (the current situation and requested target will be assessed). Our consultant will look for the options available that suite your request and targets.  They will explain options that fit your case and their respective environmental benefits and cost savings. One year plan will be prepared for costumer considering the environmental and financial margins. Our representative consultant will manage the implementation of the agreement and keeping customer informed with progress. Regular and planed visits from Consult Lund after implementation to ensure the running of the project. Support after implementation will keep customer informed about latest proven technologies in the field.

Our Services

Project Management, Design and Feasibility  :   We work closely with our clients to design energy, waste and water projects that take into account a whole-of-life cycle approach. Preparing detailed social and environmental impact assessment in accordance with World Bank and local standards.

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies: We work with clients to assure that considered process changes are feasible with respect to near term and long term environmental permitting requirements.

Academic and Education: Our talented crew able to conduct and organize deep training in any of our services through conferences, meeting courses, learning courses and seminars. Teaching courses and assisting PhD and Master projects.

Governmental Consulting and Partnership: Municipalities projects and short courses teaching and consulting.Connecting Swedish and foreign companies.