CONSULTANCY – ACADEMY (Think tank) with deep experience in advancing sustainability. Consult Lund’s main goal is to increase environmental awareness and provide high-quality environmental sustainability knowledge. Also, promote sustainable development by, among other things, educating people about sustainable development and sustainable practices, circular economy, as well as how to make the system more effective and sustainable, and protecting natural resources.

We at Consult Lund have a strong partnership with worldwide experts both in the academic and in the industry, where we guarantee your success.  Consult Lund brings together experts to build and provide educational content on important issues for people and the planet’s future, such as climate change, sustainable development, and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Consult Lund started in 2017 and has achieved enormous progress within a short period of time providing solutions and consulting in many different aspects.


Together we accelerate transitions towards sustainable societies


Sustainability Consulting

We offer consultancies to assist business in their impact and strategic benefits through sustainability

To a faster transition towards a sustainable society by helping companies get better at measuring their sustainability
Develop integrated sustainability strategies and lead the sustainability transition within your organisation

Training Services

Create and deliver educational content on critical issues for the future of people and planet, including climate change, sustainable development, circular economy, water, waste and renewable energy .

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